Holiday look using the NARS "Sarah Moon" collection.

This is an absolutely beautiful collection, I'm definitely obsessed with everything about it! I've never been one to use gray, cooler colors on my skin but the way they designed these shadows they actually have lots of warmth as well. There's actually hint of lavender and fleets of gold mixed within the shadows and like I said they're so beautiful. And then they did an excellent job of matching the twist liner with the matt shadow color. The lipsticks are also great! I love the tubes they make it easy to apply and of course I love any Matt lipstick because it stays on a lot better than any other formula. Bottom line this is a beautiful collection that everyone should try before NARS retires the collection.

Day to night party makeup

So this is a really great look when you're going from a day look tonight look and you don't have a lot of time to switch it up in between. Let's say you need to go to an office party but then you have commitments after work and you just need to be able to run into the bathroom and give yourself a Sprucetop night luck. This video will show you how to get it all done! 

Coconut oil makeup remover!!!

So I'm pretty sure that Coconut oil is Gods gift to the beauty world! This all natural, unrefined oil is an amazing way to cleanse your face while moisturizing at the same time! I know it seems like you'd be an oily, greasy mess afterwards but the great thing about using a natural oil is that there is nothing in it to keep it from penetrating through the top layer of your skin. It can actually seep all the way down and do the job that regular moisturizer are suppose to. Coconut oil also has healing properties and natural spf so basically this is like I said Gods gift to the beauty world!!  Check it I promise you won't be disappointed!! 

Concealing redness

So I read alot of blogs and magazines that pertain to beauty products because I'm always looking for the next best product. Well Ladies I've found a pretty amazing product you need to know about. The  iBobbie Brown retouching wand is awesome and worth the $40 you'll pay for it! The wands formula is light with a rang of coverage. A little goes a long way and with a light touch you can get a lot of coverage! It's smooth and light and you won't have nor feel like you've e got concealer caked on your face. In  this video I even used it to conceal the redness in my skin and it did a pretty great job, watch the video and watch it work magic!!