Cuba Here I Come!!


Well it's the night before my trip to Cuba and I'm bubbling with excitement I'm not sure ill actually be able to sleep. I think I've read just about every blog and Pinterest post I could find on Cuba. And I've gotmy "carry-on bag" all packed and ready to go. All that's left to do is get on the plane and fly the quick trip over. And Yes you did readcorrectly I did pack in a carry-on bag, I know who would've thought I could pack in a carry-on for an international trip. But I've accomplished it and I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty proud of myself. I will say it's a whole lot easier to pack in a small bag for warm weather destinations. And I have learned, and kept reminding myself over and over, thatyou do re-wear more things than you think. Although because I'm packing in such a small bag I did plan my outfit accordingly which is something that I usually don't take the time to do. So thistime therewas only room for a little bit of packing embellishment ( aka things you don't really need, but feel your wardrobe just would rather you have them) . So in saying all that I'd like to share with you my 10 Go to essentials when packing for a warm weather destination...

 My 10 Go To Packing Essentials For Warm Weather...

1. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a must for any and  all travel. They are amazing they help the packing process tremendously and they help keep your clothes neat and organized on your trip. If your like me in the past I have found myself digging through my neatly folded clothes only to a heaping pile when I'm done. So use packing cubes!

 2. Lululemon leggings

I'm in the belief that leggings are an essential! I'm pretty sure they are Gods gift to the women's wardrobe, I mean what other piece of clothing is comfy, cute and can be worn as casual active wear or dressed up to wear with a pair of boots or heels? Nothing other than a thick pair of black leggings comes to my mind! And ladies just splurge and invest in some lululemon! Yes I know they are $98 a pair but they are worth it! I personally am a huge fan of the wander under style and I love the "lux" version they are darker than the regular ones and thinner for a warmer climate. Anyways hands down do it and buy you at least a pair! And FYI they are known to make your butt look good.

3. Impanema sandals

Ok I'm not sure how I didn't know about theses shoes my whole life but impanema sandals are literally the BOMB.COM first of all they are extremely comfortable and they are made of rubber they are somewhat shock resistant! Secondly they are so freaking cute!they come in a range of colors including silver and gold with different shapes and designs. They can be worn dressed down or dressed up and completely take the place of a heel in destination with a warmer climate. If you plan to be around water they are great. But I've also worn them walking all over Europe and they did not fail me. And just so you know they are extremely affordable and Amazon has a great selection to choose from. 

 3. Babyliss Pro Travel Blow dryer

Ok so being that I work in the Beauty field I find myself constantly thinking how I will fix my hair for a trip like this, especially when I'm limited on space. So I scoured the internet and found the babyliss pro travel blow dryer. It's a pretty great little gadget, it's small and compact. It even folds up but don't be fooled it's a got some power and it does a great job of getting my thick hair  dry in a timely manner. It's also duel voltage so you need is a plug adapter and your good to go.

4. Hanging toiletry bag

For any trip I would always advise have a toiletry bag that has a hook. Especially if you plan on sharing the bathroom with other guest. The hook gives you the advantage to get your stuff up and out of the way. You never know how much counter space you will have and it keeps your stuff in place.

 5. Micro fiber towel


These babies are great especially when using air bnb or staying in hostels. These towels are pretty nifty when your on the go and don't want to worry about finding a proper towel or waiting on one to dry so you can pack it. I found mine on amazon and it's great, it's large enough to wrap around you and it's quick drying so if you hang it up over night it should be dry and ready to pack in the morning. Plus you won't have to worry if the towel that was left for you was properly washed if you aren't staying in a hotel. 

 6. Peshtemal

A peshtemal is another great type of towel I prefer to use mine for more of a beach towel/ wrap because they take longer to dry. But they are also light and thin and very packable. They are technically a Turkish hand woven cotton towel and they come in some really cool patterns. You can find them online or at Amazon, look them up they are pretty cool. 

 7. Customizable makeup pallet

I know it sounds weird for a makeup pallet to be a packing essential but if you're anything like my makeup is a treasured essential anywhere I go. But when I travel I find myself trying to figure out what I should bring and what I shouldn't bring. Of course I want all the basics but when it comes to shadows,  blush and powder's how do you fit everything you need in compact bag. Well do not fear I have found the answer-customizable pallets. The first one I purchased was from NARS because I'm obsessed with their blush and highlight/contouring palette's so I ordered the empty pallet along with the refill blushes and shadows that I wanted to insert. I chose ones that were the basics for everyday use and added 1 or 2 for a good smokey eye/ night look. By doing this I was able to avoid all the bulky individual blush and shadow compacts and contain them in 1 flat minimal pallet. Now I just grab that throw in a few other essential and I'm good to go!

 8. Suave Deodorant "Powder"

Hands-down this is the best for any type of chafing. You know what I'm talking about, when you're on a trip and you're doing a lot of walking in your really cute sundress or cut off Jean shorts there is a possibility that there will be chafing between those thighs. Unless of course your one of those girls whom have thighs that don't like to talk to each other. But if you are like me then it's a battle to find a product that works.  And I promise I've tried them all and this one really does. And Ps you can also buy a travel size and throw it in your purse to use while you're out and about.


9. Makeup remover wipes

Not only will these wipes remove all the dirt and grime from your face, they can also double as a washcloth if you happen to be staying somewhere that's not a hotel and offers an abundance of towels and washcloths you'll be covered by having these wipes.


10. A small extension cord

You've all been in the situation before were there either wasn't enough outlets or the one you need to use is to far away from were you need to be. Throw a 4-10 foot


I hope that you find something in my packing essentials helpful to you! Now I'm off to get some shut eye, I'm praying I get a few hours before the alarm screams at me! Hola!!!