Cuba On The Horizon...


Well ladies I'm back at it! Today about the ticket for Cuba, I can't wait I've always wanted to have a "Havana night " so fingers crossed that it will be just as epic of the trip as the UK. This trip will be a bit shorter than the UK five days total. I'm kind of looking at it like an extended weekend stay. But in saying all of that it's back to packing and figuring out what I can pack in a small carry-on for a few days. Luckily Cuba this time of the year has very nice warm weather ranging from the 70s to 80s. So I'm confident that I can get away with a carry-on.


The first thing I've done since I booked my flight was figure out what type of voltage and outlets Cuba uses. Of course packing the right hair essentials is always what I think at first LOL. This time I think I shall be in luck! According to my research Cuba uses the same voltage and outlets that the US uses. So I can throw my 5 pounds worth of adapters and converters in my drawer because yay I don't have to use them on this trip! All I have to worry about is successfully achieving the art of packing in a carry-on. I did learn from my last trip that you re-wear more clothes than you actually think. Although this trip I see myself wearing more dresses and or skirt so that means I'll also have to pack more underwear than I usually do.


100% items I know that I will bring on my trip:

1. Ipanema sandals

Why #1 might you ask because they are amazing and probably the best sandal for traveling in every day use. The great thing about them is they are completely rubber so if you are near water they're great but because they are rubber they are somewhat shock resistant. And not to mention they are super cute and can be worn in for a dressy or casual outfit! 



2. Lululemon leggings 

OK first of all yes Lululemon is expensive $98 for the pair shown below ( wander under high ride).But Lululemon is also an amazing investment. They're thick, comfortable and they make your butt look good. but more importantly they can be worn as pants not just athletic wear.




3. Babyliss Pro Travel Blow dryer

Yes of course one of the things I think about first when packing is how my hair will look on a trip. I mean hello I am a girl, and I'm in the beauty industry. But more importantly I want to look great in all my photos, and selfies. This blow dryer has it all its small and  and it folds up, but more importantly it's dual voltage and it has a pretty powerful kick to it.


4. Retro Dress

Don't laugh bringing a retro dress to Cuba is going to be so fun to have. I don't know if you looked at pics but Cuba is pretty much in a time warp with old cars and architecture. So I will be able to take a few fun pics, plus I'll admit it I love the movie Dirthy Dancing Havana Nights and this is how they dressed. Now I can look the part and hopefully take cute pics! Ps this dress is from The Trashy Diva in New Orleans but they have an online store as well if you'd like to get yourself one as well.